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rGE files and database


If anyone wants to continue…
Final DB backup: 843.52 MB file on MEGA
Server files: 10.33 GB folder on MEGA

Cheers :slight_smile:


Happy last birthday rGE!


As you know, exactly 9 years ago, on 2012-06-12 rGE started live server which ran up until now, without ever wiping user progress. All good things come to an end, however this does not mean an end to private Granado Espada servers.


2021-04-23 changelog

  • Remove rGold from item dealers.
  • Add 100 x rGold for 25 EJ to starter shop.
  • Add back removed anti-destroys to starter shop.
  • Removed Grand-Master Anti-Destroys and added paid gold back to CS balances of owners.

Changelog 2021-04-16

  • Added [rGE Gold Bar] x 250m vis to item dealer.
  • Added +7/+8 Anti-Destroy to CS.
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The End


All good things eventually come to an end. It is no secret rGE saw next to no updates lately. Due to circumstances of life i can no longer dedicate any time to the project, therefore it stagnated and people left. A time has come to state the obvious.

This is the end of rGE.

Server from now on is officially on life support. I will keep it running for time being.

Server will 100% remain online until 2021-08-31.
Server may continue being online after that date if it can pay it’s bills.
Server will 100% be shut down by 2021-12-31.

We still have a lot of time to have fun though.

Not The End!

Before you break your items! You may want to hold off!

rGE will not go into oblivion silently. I know many people love this game a great deal and it would be a shame to just make rGE disappear. Therefore i fully intend to do following on the day of server shutdown:

  1. Share rGE game server files with setup instructions.
  2. Share rGE database.
    • Usernames, emails and passwords will be scrambled in a way that only owner knowing email + username or username + password could retrieve login information.

If anyone decides to pick up where rGE left off - you may do that. If anyone decides to start a fresh server - all the power to you. I will stick around providing some support regarding technicalities to kickstart private GE server development.

What now?

We still have a good deal of time to have fun. If you have any suggestions - lets hear them! Of course keep them sane. Time is a limited resource!

Thank You!

I wholeheartedly than all of rGE players we had through these 9 (!!) years. That is a lot of time. Few people stuck around since very beginning when we launched in 2012!



2021-01-29 Changelog

  • Fix [Set Shoot] info incorrectly displaying ignored def amount.
  • Fix [Snail Skin] tooltip incorrectly displaying increased drop amount.

Permanent 2x gold for BTC


rGE now offers a permanent 2x gold discount if you pay in Bitcoin.


  1. Get some bitcoin:
  2. Go to
  3. Select desired gold amount
  4. Press image
  5. Follow instructions.
  6. Keep an eye on in-game mailbox, a message with game code will be sent there.

:warning: All Bitcoin transactions are final. If you send them to wrong address they are lost.
:warning: Game code will be sent only after there is at least one BTC transaction confirmation.
:warning: Game code will be sent to you automatically, it may take up to few hours until BTC network confirms a transaction.


2021-01-08 changelog

  • Extended xmas event.
  • Xmas event buff max duration set to 15 days.
  • Added Carpo Lumin and Added Strata Weapon Stone to xmas tree lv5 shop.

2021-01-01 changelog

  • Reduced xmas tree level up requirements.

Happy New Year to everyone! No other updates this week, expect some more balancing changes to come next week, as well as some more UI fixes.


Regarding Farming Alts in Clique Battle to Unfairly Obtain Contribution and


Recently, an issue regarding player conduct has been brought to my attention. A few players have decided that legitimate PvP kills are not sufficiently rewarding within the Clique Battle system, and have taken it upon themselves to farm more kills, and thus, more points by killing their alt accounts. As this is extremely unfair to legit players as it skews the battle outcome and rewards the players doing this with more shop points to buy the best artifacts in the game. This must stop, and so a new policy will go into effect henceforth.

From this day forward, any family caught farming their alts during Clique Battle will face the following consequences (across ALL associated accounts):

  • First offense = 2 week ban
  • Second offense = 1 month ban
  • Third offense = Permanent ban

Players who witness this unfair behavior taking place are welcomed to report such players here on the forums or in the discord server.


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Join a vibrant Renaissance Granado Espada private server community which is thriving since year 2012. Server features many customisations to ease progression as well as improve gameplay.


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