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2019-08-16 changelog

  • Fix Devastador stance rings not adding skill level.
  • Fix multiple characters being unable to equip certain costumes/accessories.
  • Add Mega Spodumene - Rumin (7 Days) to CS.
  • Add Mega Obsidian - Rumin (7 Days) to CS.
  • Add character cards to CS:
    • Jane
    • Jin
    • Roreta
    • Dolores
    • Lorraine
    • Divine Hammer Bryan
    • Kevin
    • Cadet Amy
    • Yuliana Constans
    • Vanessa
    • Nina
    • Commander Kano
    • Aclla
    • Kei
    • Snowflake Berthe
    • Joshua
  • Implement set bonuses for Divine items.
  • Fix translations in Returnee's way quests.
  • Fix breaking Divine Earring.
  • Fix enhancing multiple accessories.
  • Fix old enchant sedatives harder.
  • Remove feso drops from spammable quest bosses (Jurgen and Cortes).

2019-08-09 changelog

  • Extend event to 08-25.
  • Fix elephant pet item name and description.
  • Fix making Enhanced Gunners/Elemental/Designers Belt Recipe giving wrong item.
  • Fix typo in Cyllene Rumin description.
  • Fix old enchant sedatives.
  • Update pioneering rankings:
    • SSS: top 10% players
    • SS: top 20% players
    • S: top 30% players
    • A: top 40% players
    • B: top 50% players
    • C: top 60% players
    • D: top 80% players
    • F: remaining players
  • Update font. Fixes spacing of cyrillic letters.
  • Doing missions gives pioneering points and tokens.
  • Fix icon of Valeron Rosario.
  • Fix stat transfer for Valeron Rosario and Valeron Heavy Rifle.

2019-08-02 changelog

  • Port old pioneer shop.
  • Reduce weapon costume socket extension requirement to 9 crystals.
  • Fix some global texts when applying double mission reward.
  • Fix pacifist faction/player and forced-red statuses being incorrectly reported and thus not working in some conditions.

2019-07-26 changelog

  • Fix glows for multiple Valeron, Vigilar, Abyss, Vernier, High Bristia and some other weapons.
  • Correct Disruption buff descriptions.
  • Pet Snow Golem buff gives +10 SEN, +10 PEN, +10 IMM, +10 DEF, +10 CRT.
  • Correct text when destroying weapon costumes for Weapon Costume Crystal.
  • Fix Gunner's Belt wrongly being in premium inventory.
  • Fix characters being unable to equip some costumes:
    • Summer Costumes for Judith.
    • Summer Costumes for Empyrium Judith.
    • Some hair costumes for Cadet Adriana.
  • Reduce Ottite Perfume chance 10x on alchemy ranks 8 and 9.
  • Give 1 event medal at 14, 21 and 28 times.
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Hot Summer Event


Meet Joshua in Cite de Reboldeux. Summer is hot this year and she needs your help. It is too hot to do all the work herself obviously.

Once a day do one of the following tasks:

  • Kill 500-1000 monsters of specific race (Humans, Wildlife, Undead, Lifeless, Demons).
  • Do Castilla missions 1-5 times (100 family reputation reward per run)
  • Do Bounty Hunter missions 5-15 times (60 family reputation reward per run)

Be aware that you must complete missions daily if you wish to receive later rewards. For example if you wish to receive 3 x Tears of Ana you must complete missions for 7 days. If you do mission one time, skip 6 days and do mission a second time - you will get 50 x Enhance Booster as your second reward!

Also note that due to technical reasons quest tracker displays quest progress in percents, not the actual number of required missions or mobs.


Completing a mission grants you a daily reward which is different every day.

Days 1 - 7
100 x Enhancement Chip Veteran
25 x Enhance Booster
5 x Principal potion (1 hour)
1 x Kore Rumin DEF +9, Max HP +1500
30 x Soul Crystal
1 x Renaissance Weapon Costume Box 1
3 x Tears of Ana
Days 8 - 14
200 x Enhancement Chip Veteran
100 x Enhance Booster
10 x Principal potion (1 hour)
2 x Eukelade Rumin Immunity +7, Received Critical Damage -5%
1 x Event Summer Costume Box - Cano
1 x Renaissance Weapon Costume Box 2
1 x 34 AR Weapon Box
Days 15 - 21
100 x Enhancement Chip Expert
50 x Normal Enhancement Sedative
10 x Sedative (1h)
3 x Cyllene Rumin Immunity +7, Cool-down Time -10%
1 x Event Summer Costume Box - Beatrice
1 x Renaissance Weapon Costume Box 1
1 x 35 AR Weapon Box
Days 22 - 28
200 x Enhancement Chip Expert
100 x Normal Enhancement Sedative
10 x Soul Water (1h)
3 x Arche Rumin Penetration +7, Critical Damage +5%
1 x Event Summer Costume Box - Natalie
1 x Renaissance Weapon Costume Box 4
1 x 36 AR Weapon Box
12 x Mega Obsidian Rumin +10% ATK, +10 DEF (7 days)
12 x Spodumene Rumin +10 pen +10 imm (7 days)

Extra rewards

After doing a number of Joshua’s quests you will be granted extra rewards.

7 Times 6 x Tears of Ana
14 Times 1500 x Starter Gold Coin
21 Times 1 x Character Card Box
28 Times 1 x Sacred Character Card Box
14/21/28 Times 1 x Summertime Aide Medal

Event lasts through 2019-07-19 - 2019-08-18. Do not miss a day!

Character Card Box gives one of: Cadet Adriana, Cadet Elisa, Sage Emilia, Battle Cook Panfilo, Soho The Wind, Battle smith Idge, Ralph, Asoka, Queen of Pioneer Grandma, Sniper Bernelli, Cherlyn, Valeria Vendetta, Spy Olivia, Friede, Liung, Rose Spirit, Rosa, Montoro, Battlefield Claude, Selene, Rachel, Illusion.

Sacred Character Card Box gives one of: Selane, Rachel, Illusion, Cannon Shooter Clair, Mireille, Sesil, Blue Flame Ludin, Jane, Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Dolores, Divine Hammer Bryan, Bane, Silver Flare Lynn, Kevin, Codename L, Reaper Sariel, Judith, Risky, Cadet Amy, Yuliana, Consul Diertrich, Vanessa, Jaina, Blood Navy Kano, Aclla, Banshee Natalie, Daisy, Becky, Kei, Snowflake Berthe and Charles, Scarlet, Ciel.


2019-07-19 changelog

  • Fix quest requirements text in Crusader of Light: Preparation For Dispatch.
  • Fix pioneer points not resetting.
  • Fix Arsene Circus Troupe Medal effect when equipped by Hellena.
  • Fix Arsene Circus Troupe Medal effect when equipped by Risky.
  • Fix Captain Bernardo's Crew Medal effect when equipped by Bane.

2019-07-12 changelog

  • Test fixes for bug which locks out some players from some zones.
  • Fix being able to attack own characters and players from the same faction in some circumstances.
  • Correct texts of various merchants that are summoned by stones.
  • Replace in alchemy roulettes:
    • Exp cards with Moon Stones.
    • Mithridart with Shiny Crystal.
    • Healing Potion with Shiny Crystal.
    • Soul Potion with Shiny Crystal.
    • Healing Liquor with Shiny Crystal.
    • Soul Liquor with Shiny Crystal.

At the moment we are plagued by serious issue which sometimes locks out some players out of some maps (discussed here). Cause is unknown, but issue is actively worked on as it is of highest priority at the moment. Expect possible server instability following week. We may have daily restarts and/or server crashes as possible solutions are tested.

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2019-06-27 changelog

  • Fix Arpe Valeron's dialog formatting.
  • Remove etc and instant item drops from Imperium Arma.
  • Enable extra quest rewards (too many to list).
  • Update starting points for Bounty Hunter hard missions.
  • Add faction warehouses to:
    • Reboldeux
    • Auch
    • Bahamar
  • NPCs added to Armonia:
    • Steroid Potion Trader
    • Principal Potion Trader
    • Starting Zone Guide
  • Fix feso rings shop at Precious Metal Merchant.
  • Fix lollipops being usable in some maps where they shouldnt.
  • Fix Sirius Rigel (Rebold) Abyss Token Shop.

2019-06-21 changelog

  • Fix players not becoming red when attacking field bosses in some circumstances
  • Fix creating character from a card allowing it to go to slots above 180
    • 4 characters were converted back to cards and returned to inventories of affected players
  • Implement pacifist player option:
    • Pacifist player may not force-attack other players
    • Pacifist player may not be force-attacked by other players
    • Pacifist player may be attacked by another faction when at war
    • To become pacifist talk to NPCs in Reb or Auch offices
    • Changing to/from pacifist status takes 7 days and costs 1 EJ
    • First status change is free
  • Changing pacifist faction status for the first time is now free

2019-06-14 changelog

  • Fix receiving non-stackable items from premium item cabinet
  • Fix Birthday Wing (30 days) missing from player’s inventories after relogin
  • Reimplemented war opt-out feature.

War opt-out

Faction leaders are able to opt out from wars by obtaining a pacifist faction status.

  • All new factions start as non-pacifists and can be declared war upon.
  • To become a pacifist faction leader must talk to:
    • Republicans Member in Auch office
    • Royal Guard in Reboldeux office
  • Changing status costs 500 x White Gold Bar
  • Status change takes 7 days to complete
  • Pacifist factions may not declare war upon any other faction
  • Other factions may not declare war upon pacifist faction
  • Pacifist factions may not participate in colony war
  • If a member of pacifist faction attacks a field boss that member will become red and anyone can attack them without penalty.

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