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2019-10-18 changelog

  • Update recipe requirements for:
    • Elite Bristia Cube
    • Elite Bristia Encyclopedia
    • Elite Bristia Shield
    • Elite Bristia Soldier Diary
  • Reduce minimal player requirement to 3 for Blood Navy mission.

2019-10-11 changelog

  • Clock Tower Floor 2-12 will now drop crafted key in roulette rather than recipe
  • Clock Tower keys will almost always drop from corpses
  • Double Clock Tower mission corpse health
  • Increase max buff id from 1024 to 65535 while decreasing number of consecutively visible buffs from 1024 to 63 (required for importing new characters)

2019-10-04 changelog

  • Add Soul Water to alchemy levels 1-3.
  • Fix some Evil costumes being untradable.
  • Fix Commander's Equites Ring to increase skill level of Emergency instead of Resuscitation.
  • Fix Gunsmith's Superior Blaster Ring to increase skill level of Marksmanship instead of Detection.
  • Fix Inferno of Revolver, Devil Brake and Sea of Devil to apply 1% extra damage per evasion only to players that use evasive stances.
  • Update Peltast stance:
    • Increase base stance attack by 9%
    • Increase base stance penetration by 50%
    • Rapid Shot ignores 50 DEF (was 30)
    • Rapid Shot inflicts Pioneer Scar on successful hit
    • Pioneer Scar reduces DEF of enemies proportional to your STR
    • Implosive Shock cooldown reduced to 20s (was 30s)
    • Implosive Shock attack power to all kinds of enemies (soft/medium/metal) increased
    • Light Flow attack power to all kinds of enemies (soft/medium/metal) increased
    • Light Flow adds 2% ATK for every skill level
    • Piercing Bound cooldown reduced to 15s (was 20s)
    • Piercing Bound ignores 60 DEF (was 30)
    • Piercing Bound ignores extra DEF proportional to your STR on enemies affected by Pioneer Scar
    • Infinity Shooting Star cooldown reduced to 17s (was 20s)
    • Infinity Shooting Star attack power to all kinds of enemies (soft/medium/metal) increased
    • Infinity Shooting Star ignores extra DEF proportional to your STR on enemies affected by Pioneer Scar
    • Infinity Shooting Star deals +1% extra damage per evasion point to evasive player characters

2019-09-27 changelog

  • Fix typo in Valeron Rosario tooltip incorrectly displaying DR value.
  • Remove a typo from Blood of Shadow skill description.
  • Fix [Sharp Nail] buff of Black Reaper pet to give +10% movement speed and +10% monster attack.
  • Fix many rings that were undestroyable at the anvil.
  • Make rGE gold coins/bars/bullions non-sellable at item vendor and give sold gold back to few people that sell it by mistake.
  • Fix Grandma requiring returnees to complete cancelled quests.

2019-09-20 changelog

  • When enchanting options that had min value = 1 now have min value of at least 30% of max value.
  • Roulette overhaul:
    • Roulette chances x10 when chance <1%.
    • Roulette chances x5 when chance <2%.
    • Roulette item amounts x2 for stackable items (except cards/boxes).
    • Remove weapons lower than lv100 from roulettes.
    • Remove Bristia boxes from roulettes.
    • Fixed issues with some roulettes not dropping newly added items (tigress).
    • Fixed crashes related to alchemy lv 17/18/19.
    • Updated roulette database
    • Added official server roulette database for comparison.
    • Added link to download both databases

2019-09-13 changelog

  • Remove Ottite Perfume from Moon Stone group in Alchemy lv9 roulette. Effectively doubles Moon Stone chance.
  • Remove keys from Petrified Heart exchange.

2019-09-06 changelog

  • Remove Elite Le Scarce Packgage from starter shop.
  • Expand Petrified Heart exchange at Wandering Merchant.
  • 10x increase Sun/Moon Stone drop chance in alchemy levels 8 and 9 to match drop rate before update.
  • Update Tigres Prison roulettes.

2019-08-30 changelog

  • Remove food drops from Sacred Vespanola Soldier.
  • Lumin Refinery rework.
  • High Quality Craft failure rate reduced from 50% to 10%.
  • Changed Lumin Catalyst Powder Craft:
    • Failure rate reduced from 30% to 5%.
    • Added an option to use 5 x Lumin Catalyst Powder for guaranteed high quality lumin.
  • Re-added Mystery Powder Craft option:
    • No chance of failure.
    • Option to use 7 x Mystery Powder for guaranteed high quality lumin.
  • Added Mystery Powder to CS for 3 gold.
  • Added Mystery Powder to Feso shop for 80k feso.
  • Fix Valeron Shield allowing socketing.
  • 2x gold during 08-31 - 09-03
  • Fix free premium areas on weekends.

2019-08-23 changelog

  • Fix a zone crash which occurred during use of faction warehouse in some circumstances.
  • Enhanced Hermes Belt recipe now requires 1 x Hermes Belt instead of Heavenly Belt Crystal.
  • Drop Heavenly Belt Crystal on to anvil to exchange it to belt of your choice. This item will soon be removed form game permanently.
  • Multiclient policy changes:
    • You may run multiple game clients concurrently for trading or communicating.
    • Second and further active clients have keep and hold modes disabled.
  • Improved sandbox and virtual machine detection.

2019-08-16 changelog

  • Fix Devastador stance rings not adding skill level.
  • Fix multiple characters being unable to equip certain costumes/accessories.
  • Add Mega Spodumene - Rumin (7 Days) to CS.
  • Add Mega Obsidian - Rumin (7 Days) to CS.
  • Add character cards to CS:
    • Jane
    • Jin
    • Roreta
    • Dolores
    • Lorraine
    • Divine Hammer Bryan
    • Kevin
    • Cadet Amy
    • Yuliana Constans
    • Vanessa
    • Nina
    • Commander Kano
    • Aclla
    • Kei
    • Snowflake Berthe
    • Joshua
  • Implement set bonuses for Divine items.
  • Fix translations in Returnee's way quests.
  • Fix breaking Divine Earring.
  • Fix enhancing multiple accessories.
  • Fix old enchant sedatives harder.
  • Remove feso drops from spammable quest bosses (Jurgen and Cortes).

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