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2020-08-14 changelog

  • Mission min player requirement has been set to 1 for all missions. (This includes Faction Missions)

2020-08-07 changelog



  • Renamed Solidus Leather back to Solid Leather (kept the descriptive text though)
  • Added Mifuyu’s Personal Skill (Swift Move, which was a custom feature in rGE v21)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Alchemist’s Enhanced Tactics Ring, this ring will now give +1 to all skills of the ET stance regardless of which character equips it.
  • Fixed Summertime Aide Medal. This Medal will now give +5 SEN as the description indicates.

2020-07-31 changelog

  • Adjusted Bounty Hunter: Hard Roulette
  • Adjusted Royal Road: High Master Roulette
  • Reduced Minimum Players to enter Lucifer, Twisted Spacetime Room from 12 to 1
  • Raised the droprate for the Viscount Montoro Ring from 1% to 5%
  • Further Revision for Castilla roulettes, implemented a missing limit, changed ELNr to ELN and added NC to ToC
  • Further balance on BH Lv4, raised chip quantity on BH Roulettes
  • Revised and buffed Viron: Clock Tower Roulettes

Props to @Solidus


2020-07-24 changelog

  • Reduce lags in CW/AW.
  • BH Roulette rebalance.

2020-07-17 changelog

  • Castilla Mines and Relics Roulette Rework.
  • QoL Feature to allow players to save warp outside of Mufasa Mission.

Props to @Solidus


2020-07-10 changelog

  • Re-Implemented QoL feature for ToC to guarantee Chaos Festival buff.
  • Reworked ToC roulettes to have some of the v21 roulette items, as well as maintaining emphasis on a fair and balanced approach.
  • Adjusted Alchemy roulette table slightly, this will get a closer look in the future.

Props to @Solidus


V28 Continued Development Roadmap



So, when we first upgraded to v28, I had a roadmap with the issues we had, and the fixes we were making. As I’m now back from my year-long break, I figured it’d be nice have a new roadmap to show what I’ll be working on, going forward.

Some issues here have been carried over from my old roadmap for the v28 upgrade process, and I will have to test a few of them to see if they’ve been resolved or still need to be fixed. Please refer to the ‘Legend’ Section, just below, for a color key that will help show what stage of the development process that individual issues are currently in.

For those who would like to offer suggestions for future content, please post a new thread, here on the forum, so that I can keep everything organized.


rGE Developer


  • Unverified Issue
  • To be done
  • In the process of researching potential solutions
  • Partially done
  • Done, pending deployment
  • Done and deployed - will also include [Live] at the end of the line

Known issues:

Game Client:


  • ‘Protected Items First’ option in inventory window doesn’t persist after zone change.
  • Castilla, Temple thumbnail missing when returning from barracks. [Live]

Game Server:

Game Mechanics/Features:

  • Re-Implement Renaissance Box (also need to check drop tables before enabling)
  • Some Custom Wing options are missing
  • Movement Arrow between maps sometimes disappears Forum Thread

Cash Shop:

Feso Shop:

  • Feso Shop is missing some items such as Field Manual (drop rate manual) and Expert Explorer Pack (or whatever the new name variant is now)


  • Returning from Tetra Hill to Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge via the warp arrow puts the player in the center of the map where the statue is instead of by the entrance to the map the player just came from


  • Vernier Costume glowing effect missing Forum Thread]
  • Verify that all combined rings exist and function properly, and create new ones to support new characters
  • Summertime Aide Medal not giving +5 SEN to Joshua.
  • +9 Def&+1500HP Lumin not yielding increase in HP
  • Add Costumes from newer versions and make more costumes available.
  • Make Event Barracks Slots and Starter Barracks Slots vendor-able.


  • Add Mifuyu’s Personal Skill (Swift Move, same as Asoka) as it was in previous versions of rGE


  • Phobitan/Cockatrice/Capybara Pet buff overwrites Black/White Reaper Buffs
  • Panpan pet buff duration needs to be increased back to 30 minutes
  • Elephant pet buff duration extended to 20 minutes to match Black/White Reaper pet buff durations


  • Diary Analyst no longer exchanges 30x Old Journal 10 for a Tears of Ana.


  • CT key recipes instead of crafted keys in roulettes [Live]
  • ToC needs to be adjusted to find a balance between the new tables and our pre-upgrade custom tables [Live]
  • Bounty Hunter Guild missions movement between missions is a bit clunky
  • Jack Space NPC missing from BH Guild. This NPC gave completion bonuses based on how many BH Missions you’ve completed.
  • QoL feature for Tower of Chaos giving guaranteed Chaos Festival buff needs to be reimplemented [Live]
  • Alchemy Table roulettes needs to be balanced to account for any new items while retaining some/all of our old rewards
  • Reduce/Remove minimum players to start Montoro Raid Mission. [Live]
  • Implement Rank 4-6 Mission Tokens and their respective shops


  • Various monsters around the game have poorly translated names. I’ll fix them as I find them.
  • Various quest dialogues in the game use poor English. I’ll fix them as I find them.


  • There’s a blacklist filter applied to family profile which disallows certain, choice words


  • DB name entries didn’t translate fully and/or client is missing character support for some symbols that were previously allowed

Happy 8th birthday rGE!


2x gold is active during 2020-06-12 - 2020-06-16.


2020-05-29 changelog

  • Fixed a bug where pacifist players could not be attached even if they were displayed as red (attackable).
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2020-05-15 changelog

  • Fixed flash sales properly.

Breakdown of why they were still broken can be found here.

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