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2019-05-16 changelog

  • Fix clicking Generous Claire not doing anything.
  • Fix quest shop at Generous Claire.
  • Fix name of Great Golden Egg Fruit.
  • Add Devastador stance to Master Guardian.
  • Fix Furia Del Tirano buff.
  • Fix client patch not including some files when needed.
  • Fix breaking weapons when enhancing not giving Dazzling Ore and chips.
  • Remove Exchange Powder of Valeron from all NPCs.
  • Testing fix for some players not able to enter game sometimes.
  • :warning: Implemented anti-bot :warning: Following actions will result in a temporary ban:
    • Modification of game scripts (like custom AI).
    • Debugging of game client.
    • Modifying game client exe/dll files.
    • Attempt to work around these protections.

2019-05-10 changelog

  • Reimplement alchemy rank 6.
    • Added back The Fragment of Forest to monster drops and player inventories
    • Added back Fragment of Abyss to monster drops and player inventories
    • Added back Rusty Insignia to monster drops and player inventories
  • Fix Elephant and Reaper pets not giving buffs.
  • Fix issue that caused one of daemons crash sometimes.

2019-05-07 changelog

  • jGE-like item upgrading system (max anti-destroy no longer downgrade/reset weapon)
  • Restore old min enchantment values (usually 50% of max value)
  • Fix Devastador harder :trollface:

2019-05-03 changelog

  • Fix Witch Craft Recipe crafting Enhanced Indicacion Ring instead of Witch Craft.
  • Remove feso drops from Rose, The Heart.
  • Fix entering clique battle.
  • Fix colonies not resetting before colony war.
  • Fix rewards not being paid out for colony war.
  • Fix tax money not being paid out after colony war.
  • Fix Devastador having wrong skills.
  • Fix issue where client loaded old files from update*.ipf when newer update was present.
  • Fix customizing voice pack and font as described in our wiki.
  • :warning: release/BugTrap.dll is once again packed with VMProtect. Make sure you add it to antivirus exclusions.

2019-04-26 changelog

  • Fixed more recipes
  • Multiple script fixes that caused some NPCs to lock you up or do no skill damage
  • Fix Seismic Wave ring drop from letizia box
  • Fix clique battle

2019-04-23 changelog

  • Re-added original batch chip upgrade/downgrade (earlier this week)
  • Implement batch barrack slot upgrade (earlier this week)
  • Change starting barrack slots from 4 to 21
  • Blood Navy Kano’s INT set to 90
  • Fix remaining custom recipes
  • Added new stance rings to Renaissance ring box
  • Added missing potions to item dealers
  • Convert characters at slot 181 to card (they were forgotten during upgrade)

Happy easter!


Happy easter rGE citizens!

I am sorry about no easter event this year, but recent marathon of several months to make version upgrade happen left me completely exhausted. But at least donors can enjoy 2x gold until 2019-04-24.


2019-04-16 changelog


We suffered no major issues or data loss during test week therefore v28 is promoted to stable version. There will be no rollback to v21 and we will continue working on v28 base.

  • Switch to domain as a longer term solution until we recover our old domain
  • Fix website not delivering emails when resetting passwords or registering
  • Fix emails sent by forum containing broken links
  • Fix recipes of Divine items
  • Fix recipes of Abyss items
  • Fix missing Protect Icon option in inventory menu
  • Fix Vigilar weapons missing icons
  • Fix Divine Gloves missing icon
  • Fix missing icons for Royal weapons and armor
  • Fix missing icon for Ogre Cannon
  • Remove no longer existing items from old event boxes
  • Remove Ask about ransom option from Starter Shop
  • Fix multiple errors causing no damage when certain items are equipped
  • Fix Clique Battle time
  • Fix colonies not resetting when Colony War starts
  • Fix colonies being non-attackable during Colony War
  • Fix online players being reported as offline in some cases
  • Fix online time tracking

2019-04-11 changelog

  • Fix crash of barracks daemon when creating some characters
  • Change Enhanced Indicacion Ring back to Witchcraft (fixes zone crash when equipping this item). If your character had it equipped - item will be unequipped.
  • Fix feso prices of bullet boxes
  • Fix message when receiving gold by double-clicking rGE gold coin/bar/bullion.
  • Fix Highest-quality steroid potions
  • Fix receiving gold by entering coupon code
  • Add sedatives to CS
  • Minimal free warp entries changed from 10 to 15
  • Fix glitch where accessories would loose their enhancement value on map change
  • Removed feso drops from Griffon and Sharfenberger

V28 upgrade


Server is down for upgrade to v28. Take your time to make sure you have a new client. You can download it from downloads page and install as usual.

This post will be updated when server goes online or there is more information.

13:38 update: noone noticed market being broken during testing. Server will remain offline until bug can be fixed. Think hours.
16:23 update: server os online! If you receive “Packet parsing error” - make sure you download v28 client.


I would like to thank everyone who helped with testing and fixing bugs. As a token of my appreciation following most active members of our community receive:

  • Penelope - 30k Gold
  • Sophistique - 30k Gold
  • Niore - 30k Gold
  • Arca - 20k Gold

What to expect

  • Your items, quests, characters will carry over
  • New characters! Queen Sereni, Joshua and others!
  • Charging/charged skills working perfectly.
  • Scenario quests up to Symphonia Episode 3
  • Removal of custom quests for characters that now have official quests (if you did custom rGE quest and received character card in the past - you still can get another card by doing official quest)
  • Valeron gear!
  • Old enhancement system for weapons (without enhancement tranquilizers)
  • New maps / raids / missions
  • Most of our custom features
  • And many more!

Known issues

  • 2b vis limit in inventory is back, if you had more than that - vis will be converted to Elemental Jewels and placed in your item cabinet.
  • Number of barracks was downgraded to 20 due to technical reasons. If you had characters in 21st and 22nd barracks - they will be converted to character cards with no experience loss and placed in your regular inventory.
  • Auto-sell button is missing
  • Fitting room does not offer to buy costumes for gold
  • Creating characters in barracks make no distinction between using event and normal character cards
  • Pacifist faction feature is missing
  • World PVP X is broken
  • Our custom Rogue difficulty missions not ported over yet
  • Some custom shops still missing
  • Glow of some items is off
  • Some items you purchased recently may become useless. Do not rush to get rid of them if this happens, but please report in forums
  • More issues tracked in forum thread

Important differences

  • Buying items from cash shop will no longer add items to your inventory immediately. You must acquire them from premium item cabinet.
  • In order to wrap to certain maps you first will have to walk there.

:warning: After upgrade there will be 1 week grace period. If something fails horribly we will do a rollback to today’s backup! :warning:


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Join a vibrant Renaissance Granado Espada private server community which is thriving since year 2012. Server features many customisations to ease progression as well as improve gameplay.


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